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20. lipanj 2018.


Nuncij D'Errico održao je oproštajni govor

Nuncij D'Errico održao je oproštajni govor

Sarajevo, 26. lipanj 2012.

Oproštajni govor nuncija D’Errica doplomatskom zboru

U jutarnjim satima, 26. lipnja dekan diplomatskog zbora gospodin Miroslav Mojžita, veleposlanik Republike Slovačke, organizirao je prijem u čast apostolskog nuncija nadbiskupa Alessandra D'Errica koji će sljedećih dana napustiti Bosnu i Hercegovinu te preuzeti drugu službu. U cijelosti donosimo govor nuncija D'Errica na engleskom jeziku:

Farewell Speech to the Diplomatic Corps in BiH

Dear Colleagues and friends,

Thank you very much for coming to this reception, organized by our dear Dean of Diplomatic Corps, also in order to bid farewell to me.

As you know, I have spent more than six years in Sarajevo. The rich cultural traditions and friendly attitude of people of Bosnia and Herzegovina have always touched my heart. So I’m leaving this country with many pleasant memories, which for sure will be treasured by me.

From the professional point of view, these were intense years, both in the bi-lateral relations, and for the mission - entrusted to me as Pontifical Representative - to coordinate the activities of the catholic communities in the country and to promote good relations of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.

On the bilateral level, as you know, there were many official visits of Authori-ties of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Vatican and many high Personalities from Vatican came to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Above all, we were able to stipulate two important “Agreements”. With the first one, which is called “Basic Agreement” and is practi-cally a Concordat, we wanted to define a legal framework of the presence and the ac-tivities of the Catholic Church in the country. With the second one, we were able to establish a Military Ordinariate, with the appointment of a Military Bishop. Moreover, the activities of the Joint Commission for the implementation of the Basic Agreement gave me the opportunity to have frequent working contacts with the highest Authori-ties.

As for my activities for the Catholic Church, I would like to mention among others the nominations of the Bishops during these years, the establishment of an In-ternational Commission about the “phenomenon of Medjugorje”, the insertion of the Catholic Faculty of Theology in the University of Sarajevo.

Apart from this, one of the priorities of my mission was that of promoting an atmosphere of social harmony, religious tolerance and dialogue among civilizations. In my opinion, this should be the first priority, if we are to contribute to the stability and peace in the region. Many times I have stated that we should talk more about what we have in common, rather than about differences. And here, once again, let me say that for a prosper future of this country, it would be much better to put aside the dif-ferences and prejudices inherited from the past, and to labour together to find right solutions to the challenges faced by Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank the Authorities of the country, and especially those of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the precious assistance that they extended to me. I am also grateful to the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and to each one of you, for the collaboration and the wise advises that you always gave to me.

I am confident that the relations of friendship which have been established be-tween us will continue in the years to come. And since I am going to Zagreb, not far from Sarajevo, I hope that we will have occasion to meet again and share our concern for the situation in the region. Please be assured that you are always welcome in Za-greb.

Finally, to all of you I wish success in your mission and a happy stay in this beautiful country.

Thank you and Good bye.


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